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  • Virtualization
  • Smart Buildings
  • Edge Data Centers
  • Quality Assurance & Benchmarking
  • Internet of Things
  • 5G Networks
  • Data Management
  • Supply Chain
  • VirtualizationThe adoption of network virtualization technology will move the communications industry toward a global digital transformation. NOF19 explores the security implications and the resiliency needs of 5G and next-generation networks.
  • Smart BuildingsSmart Buildings are the building blocks of secure and efficient smart communities. NOF19 will probe the infrastructure demands of 5G, and the challenges of secure densification in the built environment through the use case for Smart Buildings.
  • Edge Data CentersData will need to be hosted and streamed at significantly higher speeds, volumes, and lower latencies at the edge to fulfill the promise of 5G deployment at scale. NOF19 performs a security SWOT analysis of Edge Data Centers, which is key to bringing powerful compute and storage capabilities to the user.
  • Quality Assurance & BenchmarkingDigital transformation will require secure, agile and scalable networks that serve as platforms to deliver innovative services. NOF19 delves into the business assessment, sustainability, and improved customer experience tools that will deliver quality and optimize business performance.
  • Internet of ThingsIoT devices can support multiple, simultaneous applications and connections which also can leave them vulnerable. With end-to-end security one of the most important aspects of the IoT infrastructure, NOF19 examines what’s necessary to secure the coming large-scale deployment of IoT devices.
  • 5G NetworksSecurity and resiliency are cornerstones for 5G to become a platform for the networked society. NOF19 explores 5G security use cases from healthcare and industrial to consumer and public safety that will define our hyper-connected future.
  • Broadband InfrastructureFrom towers and cables to fiber and small cell, next-generation networks will be a hybrid of old and new. NOF19 addresses the “last mile” challenges for global ICT suppliers as they securely connect the gigabit broadband infrastructure.
  • Supply ChainPhysical and virtual supply chain security is critically important to the communications industry. NOF19 examins the supply chain security use case and best practices for risk mitigation.

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  • Great, worthwhile event, packed with informative presentations and thoughtful panels. The scheduled sessions were great catalysts for sparking informal conversations that resulted in meaningful insights and idea sharing for all involved.”

    Infinera, 2018 Sponsor

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